the fox


Ben and Ari Fox are the co-founders Gameacon, Gameacon Arena and the Casino eSport Conference. 

The Fox Brothers bring to the table more than 25 years of innovation and marketing experience around the casino industry. Recognizing the negative effect of changing demographics on the casinos’ market base, they applied their association with game developers and tournament organizers to shift their company’s focus towards the integration of esports and video gaming into the casino industry. To this end, they co-created Gameacon, GameaconX Tournament Series, and the Casino eSport Conference.


Gameacon and the Casino eSport Conference aim to help solve the problem of the aging-out of traditional casino demographics by replacing it with eSports related activities and betting which is of more relevance to a population losing interest in traditional gambling.


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Edmar Mendizabal

Business Development, Producer, and Educator in Gaming Industry​

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Coray Seifert

Writer & Executive Producer at Krakensoft

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Dex Smither

Producer, Designer, and Instructor in Game Development

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Sean R. Scott

Founder of Game Dev Masters