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Colleges that have game development and esports programs will discuss and give a taste of their curriculum to prospective students that are looking to get into the business of esports and game design.

There will be workshops on:

  • What is needed to build and operate a gaming studio

  • Esports what it takes to be a pro

  • Broadcasting opportunities in esports

  • Classes on stage design and social media

  • Game engines 

  • Coding

  • Writing for esports

  • Marketing and advertising in esports

  • Coaching esport players in college

  • Graphic design

  • Accounting for esports and gaming

  • Business classes for esports

You must register for the session/s you would like to attend. 
Space is limited and you may only attend if you purchase your regular Gameacon pass
(that will be good for all three days)

Presented by Educational Institutions 

Classroom CEC pic stock.jpg

This program we will cover education on Esport and Video Gaming and learn what you need in many fields including: 

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Please note you must first purchase your main Gameacon pass to register for sessions

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