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Welcome To Our Newest Feature for Game Developers!*

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What is Shark D'Tank you Ask?

Gameacon Launches Shark Tank-Style Contest for Aspiring Game Developers

Gameacon, the premier convention celebrating independent game development, has announced an exciting new feature for its upcoming events: a Shark Tank-style contest for game developers. This unique opportunity will allow developers to pitch their games directly to a panel of investors, providing a platform to potentially launch the next big hit in the gaming industry.

The contest will be held at two major Gameacon events this year. The first event will take place in Palm Springs, California, from June 21-23 at the Palm Springs Convention Center. The second event will be held on the East Coast in Stamford, Connecticut, from August 2-4 at the Stamford Marriott.

A Platform for Innovation and Opportunity.

Gameacon has always been a hub for creativity and innovation, attracting independent developers from around the globe. The introduction of a Shark Tank-style contest aligns perfectly with its mission to support and elevate the indie game community. This contest will provide developers with a rare chance to present their ideas to a panel of seasoned investors who have the resources and experience to take games to the next level.

The Contest Format.

During the contest, developers will pitch their game concepts to the panel, which will include industry veterans, venture capitalists, and successful game developers. Each pitch will be evaluated based on creativity, market potential, and overall execution. The investors will offer feedback, and in some cases, negotiate funding deals on the spot.

This initiative is designed to mimic the real-world challenges and opportunities developers face in the competitive gaming industry. By simulating a high-stakes pitch environment, Gameacon aims to prepare developers for future investment meetings while providing immediate potential for funding and mentorship.

Success Stories in the Making.

The gaming industry is ripe with stories of small developers who became overnight sensations with the right support. Titles like Rocket League and Minecraft started as indie projects before gaining massive popularity and commercial success. The Shark Tank contest at Gameacon seeks to discover and nurture the next groundbreaking games that could follow in these footsteps.

Event Details:
Palm Springs, California

Dates: June 21-23
Location: Palm Springs Convention Center

Stamford, Connecticut:

Dates: August 2-4
Location: Stamford Marriott

Developers interested in participating in the contest are encouraged to register early, as spaces are limited. This event is not only a chance to secure funding but also an opportunity to network with industry professionals and fellow developers.


Although Gameacon intends to put this exciting contest together, we cannot guarantee it will occur at one or both of our event locations. The success of this initiative is dependent on securing enough pitch developers and interested investors. Please stay tuned for further updates.


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