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crystal awards showcase

Finding Inspiration in Every game

GameACon's Crystal Awards

A prestigious showcase dedicated to the outstanding talent and innovation of independent game developers. The Crystal Awards serve as the Sundance of the gaming world, where fresh, groundbreaking titles and creators take center stage, unveiled through exclusive trailers and gameplay reveals.

Celebrating the vibrant spirit of indie gaming, this platform honors the relentless creativity and innovation of developers, providing a spotlight for their remarkable contributions to the gaming landscape.

Join us in acknowledging and applauding the trailblazers and visionaries behind the most captivating, imaginative, and inventive games at GameACon's "Crystal Awards".


Our Story

We shine a spotlight on the passionate artisans who breathe life into exceptional independent games.

From the visionary indie developer of the year, whose dedication shapes the industry's future, to the masterpiece claiming the coveted title of indie game of the year, we celebrate the masterful fusion of captivating narratives, immersive gameplay, and groundbreaking design that distinguishes these games.

Here, at the heart of the Crystal Awards, we offer a stage that serves as a sanctuary for these games. It's a stage that doesn't just honor achievements but acts as a canvas for innovation.

It's a place where developers unveil their new titles, showcasing their creative prowess and offering a glimpse into the future of gaming. The Crystal Awards' dedication to these creators allows their work to flourish, giving them a platform to narrate their stories and unveil their visions to an eagerly awaiting audience.

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