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Terms and Conditions for submission and consideration for the Gameacon Crystal Awards (GCA) East and West

Mandatory Representation:

  • Every game, whether digital or otherwise, is required to have a representative present at the convention(s).

  • The representative should be available throughout the entirety of the convention.

Public Availability and Booth Reservation:

  • All games must be accessible to the general public by reserving a paid booth space.

  • Game developers must reserve a paid booth space for the entire duration of the convention.

Analysis and Voting:

  • Categories for awards will be analyzed and voted on during and at the convention.

  • Judges and the general public will participate in the evaluation process.

Attendance Requirement:

  • Game developers are not obligated to attend both events but must attend at least one of the conventions.

  • The costs for your attendance is for reservation of vendor floor space ONLY at the venue. 

  • There is no ADDITIONAL charge for submission of your game to be nominated for the Gameacon Crystal Awards.

Two Award Shows:

  • There will be two Gameacon Crystal Award Shows – one on the east coast and one on the west coast.

  • Game developers and their games can be nominated and entered into both award shows but MUST be present with a booth space at the convention and present to accept the award.

Dual Showcasing Requirement:

  • You can enter a submission for both Award Shows. However, the game must be showcased live and have representatives at both the East Coast and West Coast conventions if you submit for both award shows.

  • This ensures participation in both award shows.

In summary, game developers have flexibility in attending either the East Coast or West Coast convention but must attend one. Their games, however, must be showcased at both events to be eligible for nomination in both Gameacon Crystal Award Shows.

If you do not want to submit your game, or you are not ready to enter the Crystal Awards and want to showcase 

click here you can register as a Vendor/Artist

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